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Know EXACTLY what us and the Bros are using and WHEN we’re throwing it, plus get exclusive offers sent only to our subscribers, VIP sneak peaks at our new releases and excellent chances to win one thing we ALL love, super cool stuff.

With this subscription you will receive 5 bags of hand picked lures every month.

They will be a mix based on the best colors of the month for us and the Bros, hot sellers, new releases and exclusive, subscriber ONLY colors!

We are going to be GIVING AWAY 1 of our Box Combos($60 Value) to a lucky subscriber every single month, and for EVERY 50 people that subscribe we’re going to add another Box Combo! (IE: 200subs=4 boxes, EVERY MONTH)

ON TOP of that, y’all already know that we are going to be randomly throwing in all sorts of sweet bonuses, like koozies, UV Lights, Buffs, Tumblers, Brogas, you might get a hat, maybe a shirt, you never know!

This is something we are testing out, it could evolve to different tiers, packages, etc. based on the feedback we get from y’all, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you think!

Picture is an example of what a monthly package could look like, with several examples of prizes, actual contents will vary from month to month.