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What are changeovers?

Well they could be a few different things, but let’s start with what they are NOT.

They are NOT part of our regular lineup, and thus are NOT regularly produced.

They come out randomly and are NOT sold anywhere but right here, this will be the ONLY way to get them.

They come out in SUPER limited batches (typically less than 30 bags per color) and once they are gone, they ARE GONE.

They ARE great looking baits (at least the ones we list on here will be), and are, more importantly, effective.

They ARE all still garlic infused and most glow (depending on what colors get mixed up).

aaand now for what MAKES a Changeover,

The main way they are created is whenever we CHANGEOVER(see what we did there) from one color to the next with our production machine, a few mold’s worth of baits get mixed up in the beginning, and some come out looking pretty awesome.

But that’s not the ONLY way they come into being…

Some might just be baits shot with out their tail colors(naked), or possibly a different color tail.

Maybe someone trips and drops a bunch of glitter in the wrong tank,

Maybe the colorblind guy mixes up a batch wrong

Maybe we just have some cool colors loaded up in the machine and play around with some different combos, who knows?

Wherever they end up coming from, they’re gonna be sweet!

We’ll load them up on here whenever we get some that are good enough to make the cut, there WILL be pictures of the EXACT colors available at the time.

And just to reiterate, WHEN they come out will be completely random and quantities will be SUPER LIMITED

So definitely pick some up if you get the chance, you might not get another!

Another thing, we will NOT be posting about it everytime we drop these on social media or elsewhere, the ONLY people that will FOR SURE get notified when these are in stock are those in our email list,

So if you’d like to be notified when they drop, sign up for our email list to be first in line! …and did we mention you’ll get 10% off when you do?

So sign up now, and may the odds be ever in your favor!