About Us

A.M. Fishing, to be honest, was an accident..

We’re just a couple of dudes from South Texas that LIVE to fish.

Like, we seriously eat, sleep and breathe fishing,

It’s just who we are.

And, like y’all fellow anglers, we’re constantly on the hunt for anything that can give us an extra edge in fooling those elusive finned fiends we’re all so vigorously chasing

Fishing together, as often as we do, for several years (and counting) adds up to a lot of ideas bouncing off one another.

That eventually lead to us playing around with trying to make some of our own baits.

We embraced our inner Myth Busters and tried all sorts of crazy stuff, fishing it along the way of course, usually side by side with a control, to see what worked ..or didn’t

After accumulating a healthy pile of molds we started having success on a super versatile hybrid bait, the curly tail jerkshad.

At that point, we were already smearing a messy, garlic scented, stick-to-literally-everything gel on our baits and we figured out the garlic scent infusion process so we could do away with that nasty stuff but still maintain the smell that NEVER wears off.

Once we had the scent and profile figured out, we just kept building on that with whatever we found made an actual difference out on the water, packing every advantage that we could into these baits

The next, absolute game changer we discovered was the glows.

We were trying to imitate the glowing bacteria/plankton that we’d see on summer night wades light up anything that moves in the water after dark.

And they, expectedly, did a pretty good job of that..

But, what we didn’t expect was how much of a difference we found the glows made during the Daytime.

So now we had this trifecta of a bait with killer action, infused with garlic scent and these glows we were incorporating into all sorts of colors.

After about 6 months we were catching so many fish on this bait, we had quit using anything else

We ended up doing so well that between all the fish we were posting and the uniqueness of our baits, a few local tackle shops reached out trying to find out who’s baits we were using and where they could get them.

We came up with a name and logo, ordered some bags and stickers, made up a few packs for them and it was off to the races!